Cheapest way to bring traffic to your offer.

Now this is going to need a bit of investment, but it will work and your investment will be returned in a month. This method drives targeted traffic right to your affiliate link, and you don't need anything else.

But listen to all what I have to say.

You need a paypal account to Pay for it, so I suggest you open one first if you already don't have one. Put some money in your account and go to this site.

Register and order an account. I have already applied for a partner account, If they approve I will give you a link later to test drive it for 100 free traffic visits or more.

How It works.

You can buy the amount of traffic as below.

PLANTotal VisitorsVisitors Per DayCost per monthCost per click
TRAFFIC PLAN 12500 VISITORS80 to 100 visitors per day$ 19.95 / month$0.0080
TRAFFIC PLAN 25000 VISITORS160 to 200 visitors per day$ 28.95 / month$0.0058
TRAFFIC PLAN 310000 VISITORS320 to 400 visitors per day$ 48.95 / month$0.0049
TRAFFIC PLAN 425000 VISITORS780 to 1000 visitors per day$ 99.95 / month$0.0040
TRAFFIC PLAN 550000 VISITORS1560 to 2000 visitors per day$ 189.95 / month$0.0038
TRAFFIC PLAN 6100000 VISITORS3120 to 3500 visitors per day$ 349.95 / month$0.0035

The website is associated with thousands of networks of website in the world wide web.
When you specify the countries you want to advertise to and the category of websites, they will incorporate your url in advertising spot in those website under the chosen category. So don't advertise a dating product in a cooking website.

Lets say you product cost $50 and your commission is 50% you just need 1 sale to cover your cost under Plan 1 right? SO you need to make your numbers work.

Provided, you product is good you are bound to make some major profit.

Another use is PPV ( Pay Per view) advertisements. There is a lot of them out there. You get like 0.01-0.05 on people just seeing your advertisement. Now ill let you imagine the rest.

If its is not clear, or you need some good PPV sites, that's what the comment section is for.
I'm anyway planning to make a post on PPV. So hang in there.



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