Earn money online free - From you Facebook (FB) Twitter Account

Ever wondered whether you can get somebody to pay you to follow them? better yet on FB, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube. You use social media everyday, wouldn't it be nice to make money online for free from FB? Plus some of the pages are you would like anyway..

I found this place where you can earn money by liking and talking about FB pages and following Twitter accounts.  Watch YouTube videos and sharing stuff in Google+, plus visiting sites all combined in one place.

Its called, Its so cool.

If you like PTC, then you should like this as well. All you need to do is register and allow them in.

Rest should be pretty easy from there onwards. just follow their instructions.

You can make free online money by,

1) Liking FB pages,
2) Following twitter accounts,
3) Watching YouTube videos,
4) Sharing on Google+
5) Visiting sites all together. There are so many ways.

Plus you get credits as well, you can use them to direct visitors to your FB pages or websites as well, that's like a bonus. You can combine that with a FB page that promotes affiliate programs, like on Click Bank and promote your affiliate products free and get a commission.

You can like Facebook pages that are recommended, Tweets and Google+ and even YouTube, so you can make some serious money if you have like 30 mins to spare everyday.

Please be mindful that sharing a lot of pages per day might highlight you and your friends might think you are crazy to like so many pages. So be mindful, like about 5-10 pages and leave it be.

Remember, their payment is based on the activity in your FB account and the age of your FB account, If you have like 2 friends it wont work you need to have more than 5, more the better because you will get a better rate per like or view. This is the same for other social media accounts you wont to register with ( twitter, G+ etc). Plus you will also get more ads according to the number of friends you have and the age of your account, this is selected by the advertisers, So you might not want to make a new account, if so you wont get much ads to click and return wont make enough cash. That should be understood, who want to advertise in social media especially to people without connections right?

Now you must be wondering why is this not illegal, well you have the choice of not liking a page and skiping it at any give time, the system doesn't force you to do anything, you make the decision to follow or like or share, if the system did that automatically yes then it would be illegal.

However, like PTC I suppose this system, also have its drawbacks, at some point it is bound to be saturated. because the system rely on new users joining all the time, to make the process faster. But its less unlikely to be as soon as you think it would be, social media is powerful and everyday new people join and the base is so large this can survive for decades, plus if it gives you cash why not right? From my experience here you end up liking these pages and follow twitter accounts even if you come across them by yourself anyway, its like they bring you information to you and get you free online money as well. it cant be better than that. You get 50 cents free when you register, and because i have like 7 friends on my friends list I didnt get much to click around, But if you have like 100+ friends you should get more FB pages to like.

Of course, you make more money by referring people too. Much like other PTC sites, if you manage to get people to sign under you and click you get a commission as well, Ill let you imagine how you like to do that.

+wink +wink

They are based on Europe so you will get paid with EUROs, But that's fine right? You should setup a pay pal account get it verified which is simple and map it here. Log in to this site everyday or whenever you can, share, like, visit earn money. when you reach  €15, you get paid. 

Plus there are so many things you can do in there, Get started now! Enjoy!
I made €0.57 in 10 mins on my first day, for free you cant match that with any PTC out there with a free account ever.

Here's a screenshot.



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  2. i also earn 0.57 on my first day....but i was also the last its a very slow process bro

    1. Hi Tahir,

      Well it all depends on the advertising criteria the advertisers use my friend, If your social profile meets the advertisers criteria you will be shown the advertisement. Its true what you say the preceding days I also noticed a drastic reduction in advertisements, but I have changed my profiles to my real ones where i have more that 2000 followers in my twitter ad 800+ friends on Facebook, and I check my account two times a day, like in any other ptc or gpt sites like neobux or clixsense it takes some time to get it right and tweak the account and set it up. atm I have accumulated 9 bucks in a month or so, even after using my credits to gain likes to my Facebook pages etc.. Most of the advertisements are country targeted i have some of my referrals in US and Europe earning way more that what I'm doing because they get more advertisements. I'm from Sri Lanka so i get only the advertisements that are meant for worldwide audience, but a lot of advertiser want there page to be liked by US or European profiles so they can make sales and stuff etc. Thats the background to it. We have to work a bit harder to get there, Suggest you grow your referrals if you are serious to get some money of of this. its not that hard, just do a random comment here and there in FB pages and forums you'll be surprised how many people want to make money online out there. Cheers mate.


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