Making free money online - creative name suggestions

So here's another way for you to make some money online without any investment.

If you think you are creative enough to suggest people new names for their websites and campaigns, mix that with a easy platform you can freely log in and make some free money online - then this is the place for you to do it.

Ok, the work is simple. Buyers will forward an order for you to make suggestions. They will tell you about what they are searching for, and any criteria you have to meet. Like what they intend to do with their website, what type of names they are looking for, their competition details, website keyword you need to consider ideally etc.

You have to take all the suggestions into consideration and suggest names you think they will like to choose for their campaign. Thats the key here.

How you get paid

If your order is chosen, then you get paid the commission. Depending on the order you suggested this can be your commission from $25 -$62.5.

You need to grow your level/rank first to get a higher commission rate. Currently im rank 3 and I get 50% commision. 

When you join you start at rank 5 and when you continue your suggestions you get higher ranks. Your suggestions need to be quality ones, if you spam with names the ranking systems will put you down.

Here are the commission rates,

Rank 1   60%
Rank 2   55%
Rank 3   50%
Rank 4   45%
Rank 5   40%

Ranking system is recalculated every 24 hours, so you will have to wait for updating and if you don't participate continuously your rank might go down, because new people are taking your spot.

You get bonus payment if your suggestion is liked by the buyer, this can be in the range of $0.15 to $0.60.

You can cash out to your PayPal account when you reach $20.

Im still try to get picked, maybe you have more creativity than me. You should try it..

Ill write more on how to tweak your suggestions in a different post later.. Like my FB page for updates.


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