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Did you know you can make money online for doing micro tasks. What are micro tasks you might ask, No its not the stuff you get in the PTC sites to find stuff or search stuff on the web.

Do you have a camera? can you put up a name with buttons take a picture? then you can sell the picture for $5. Likewise you can sell anything you can do for $5 over this website its easy to set up.

Its called A lot of buyers and sellers are on it and if you are creative enough you can make some real easy cash over it.

They are called gigs. Your gig can be anything for $5. Just go through the website to see what gigs people are offering and what gigs are popular with buyers etc.

It can be some sort of advise on how to cook, how to increase you web traffic, improve your work or it can be video's you can make on something where you narrate an advertisement or review. It can even be a creative picture you can take. Anything Goes.. I even found a gig for well wishes for $5, and people have bought that too.

PowerPoint presentations, review of documents, CV/resume building, consulting, graphics and more..

My advice is do a good job, whatever you can do. I'm an accountant so I have put up a gig to reconcile 5000 lines in an account for $5. and even more. (ex: 10,000 lines for $10 and so on) Think of something you can do easily and you are capable of. The key is getting positive feedback that will show in your gig for future buyers. Which will definitely help in getting them to push that buy button.

Make sure you check you email everyday if you have said you will deliver the gig in one day if not you will have negative feedback and complaints. You can set it to be delivered in a week or so if you don't have much time, but the faster you deliver something the faster you get money from it.

Be Creative, try to offer something that is not there and you will get enough purchases. I have bought online money making products that gives out modules explaining what you and I can understand after a few minutes of browsing this site, its not that hard to figure it out. So go on visit and see what you can make out of..

Best thing is its free to register and maintain.

Another free tip to making money online for free from me to you.

More stuff to come soon..



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