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Today's new tip is making money online with adfly the url shrinking service.

It must be the easiest thing you can do to earn some money online for free. You can do it while sharing your posts in your social accounts easily. If you have a twitter account think of the possibilities.

Every time a person clicks your link you get some money into your pocket. Its easy as that!

How it works

All you need to do is register with ad-fly for a free account. Start shrinking what you need to share and start posting. When anybody clicks your link they are shown a small 5 second advertisement and then they can go to your link.

You would have clicked these, without even knowing until now.

The amount you get paid is depending on which country the person who clicks the link is from. The highest paid traffic is ofcourse from USA, Canada, Australia, etc but dont worry every clicks earns you money.

You need to collect a minimum $10 to make a withdrawal, and you can get it to your paypal or payza account.

People make serious money with this, so grab in. register now and start sharing.

Important: Don't spam forums or over do it,  you will get banned if anybody complains and some people do it just for the fun of it when they see that someone else is making money. You are of course free to use it to your website if you have one or sharing in you own account.

So click on the banner below and register an account free now.

Wait I forgot to tell you there is a referral program too. Which gives you 20% of your referral's earning as well. So you can get your friends to use ad-fly too and get an extra buck for referring them in. That I'm also using from here. 

Things for you to know

If the visitor doesn't have cookies enabled you will not be credited, but dont worry almost everybody does have it enabled.

If flash is disabled, this doesn't credit too.

The visitor need to view the ad for 5 seconds, if not it won't count.

If the visitor copy pasted the link it wont count either.


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