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I'm writing lenses on Squidoo and would love you to join me  

One of the best way to make money online is, putting out what you know on a blog and promoting it with advertisements  and offers that will generate you some income.

People use many types of blogging techniques, platforms, tools and methods and also varies ways to monetize their blogs.

today I'm going to talk about the platforms you can use to start and continue a blog, for you to make some online money for free. 

Probably the most popular, platforms used are Blogger and Wordpress. However these take some time to setup and fine tune. I will talk about these on a later post.

Today we are going to concentrate on

Its a free platform where people can open an account and straight away start to build pages about any topic you can find under the sun.

You have to be smart here. Content is key, it needs to be unique content, you cant copy paste anything here. You need to be familiar with keyword selection ( i will cover this also later - just starting this blog) in staring your lenses ( pages). Because if you don't chose your keyword and stick to it, nobody is going to come to your lens. Its the same for any blogging you need to do. People make real money over it.

If not me, nobody will put you in the right way, so listen, If you want to succeed in an online business you need to be in the lime light in your niche. People come to the web for various things and they all have something in common, they all use search engines to search for what they want, and they want to see quality content. This mean even if you manage to get them to visit your site, they wont spend a second if they see its low quality content, that just mention on what they are searching and leaves them blank or worse in take them to a sales page. You need to give them something to bite, make them more hungry to go to where you want them to go next.

Squidoo, believes in the same. and for that they have priority over websites when it comes to page ranking.
The main advantage of squidoo is that you don't need to have like 50 posts on the same keyowrd for your site to rank in the first page in your niche. If you have done a good job in making your lense, thats it, you will get ranked just for that page. In other words if you are having a site that has like 60% your own unique content that people like, but you have copied or have low quality content of 40% ( yeah I can count) that 40% content is going to drag your site down when it comes to ranking.

In Squidoo all the pages are high quality ( they make sure of it, trust me) and the search engines love it. Its like your clothes are all washed dried and ironed lying neatly on your bed, you just have to wear it and go. If you make your own site, you will have to do the washing and ironing yourself.

Making a website from scratch and optimizing it takes a lot of work and time and knowledge, which you might not have, if you do then you cant be here right?

Money Making in Squidoo

So this is the interesting part you've been waiting for.

Squidoo makes money from Google ad-sense, Amazon and eBay mainly. The beauty of it is, they have very easy widgets you can add to your lens(s) on amazon and eBay, of which if people purchase you get the commission. Squidoo pools all the ad-sense revenue and after deducting their mark up, distribute most of the earnings among the top Squidoo lens owners.

How they distribute ad sense income (only ad-sense, if you make a sale in Amazon or eBay that commission is yours)

All squidoo lenses are ranked, according to its quality and likes, follows etc the page gets. The rank changes continuously. but you can add more content and make some social media tracking its easy to get a higher rank depending on your content topic of course. Lets be realistic, if you make a lens which explains how to quit weed and make a lens of top 25 songs of 2012, there is obviously more people searching for songs that how to quit weed. (this is a personal experience)

SO back to the topic.

Lenses are ranked and divided into 4 tiers and given a share of adsense income as follows

Tier 1   Top 2,000                   $40-50 per month
Tier 2   Top 2,001-10,000       $10-20 per month
Tier 3   Top 10,001-85,000     $0.40-0.50 per month
Tier 4   Top 85,001 and above $0.04 if you are lucky

Obviously ranking higher means traffic, and chances of sales through Amazon & eBay as well.

There is another way to make money on Squidoo, that is advertising affiliate programs. You can add you affiliate link to lenses as long as your lens is not about that product. So lets say you make a lens about making money online, then you can link a click bank product that promotes a making money online product in you blog. you can just copy the HTML in your lenses text and it will pick it up.

Squidoo Tips to make money online

1) Make you lens as high quality as you can.
2) Follow no article spinning, or copying and pasting from othe site, you wont be able to publish anyway.
3) Squidoo has real human admin that go through new lenses, so don't try to cheat. 
4) Use the Squidoo provided monetizing widgets to maximize your income generating exposure, but don't overdo it. People need to read on, and if you have amazon products all over the place they might leave half way through.
5) Visit back to your earlier lens and tweak them up add more content to get back on ranks you lost.
6) Participate in the forums to get those most important internal Squidoo likes.
7) Secret in earning money online through Squidoo is also quantity, the more lenses you have the more income potential.
8) Take part in related affiliate programs and advertise them, but never speak about them in the lens. just show them, and let the visitor decide whether to visit the link or not.
9) Share you lenses in your FB, twitter etc, your friends are bound to like your work. Don't stop post the link in related forums outside Squidoo, Don't Spam just suggest. Remember lense are like web pages they need SEO and back links to rank up, so you need to put it out as much as you can.
10) Start and finish a lens, dont keep unfinished ones pending, you wont do it in another time.

I'm writing lenses on Squidoo and would love you to join me from here.
So there you go Making money from Squidoo.

There is more tricks and tweak you can do for it. But that needs to be an another post.
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