The PTC scam and why (ptc) per wont work.

Hello all,

If you have searched for make money online for free, or make money online without investment, you would have come across many sites that promote pay per click schemes. One in clixsense another popular one is neobux. There are many of them. You can buy the software for operating one of these sites for about $50 bucks. Meaning you can operate a PTC site so quickly.

Ive tried them before in fact it was my first attempt to make money online for free or without investment.

How does it work

Well when you register and log in,  you are given a standard or free account. you are given a few links to click and there is probably going to be a timer on the page that gets open when you click that. This may range to 5 seconds or sometimes go up to 30 seconds. The clicks are valued from $0.001 to $0.02 and are basically based on the time it needs to be on before you are credited that money in your account.

The sad part is you don't get unlimited links to click in any of these programs if you have a free or standard account. An upgraded account probably goes at about $20 bucks, and they probably get more clicks per day.

Plus they have more tricks up their sleeves like competitions or sometimes some grid where, you click at the right place on the grid you get like $0.10 - $5 bucks. But really I have click for about an year, the most time i have got something it was something like $0.20 or $1 maximum. Most of the time i have watch an advertisement or a site load for nothing.

Why I don't believe in them and think they are a scam

Lets cut to the chase, $0.001 per 15 sec or even more means you spend about 4 hours per $1 on seeing advertisements, this doesn't include the time you click and wait till the timer loads or the time you need to refresh to see the next ad.

That 4 hours is not much when you think of it in one go, but actually you are spending that 4 hours through probably a half a year which is frustrating. I mean waiting for $1 for half a year is like hell. 

Plus most of the add you see are the same type of clicking schemes and people trying to get their referrals to grow. it boring.

Its like a money wheel, the money keeps getting reinvested to the same wheel because people use their earnings to advertise their referral link in the same program ( which doesn't make sense) and the wheel becomes bigger and bigger but your share becomes smaller and smaller.

Don't waste your time on these people, its just wasting your time to make a quick buck. 

The only people making money over these schemes are the people who run these and people who have knowledge and people who have used that knowledge to build their referral links and especially people who can build their referral links continuously by recruiting a constant flow of new referrals to match the people who give up.

They use different tactics to grow their referral base, YouTube, FB and Other sites. even if you make a video or FB page you cant rank them enough for anybody to see, or it needs a lot of work that you are better off putting somewhere else.

Im going to put these places soon, so subscribe to read more.



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