Secret of affiliate programs

Probably the best way to make money online without any investment, is joining affiliate programs. What you basically do is introduce a program to people who might be interested in such a program or offer.

Every product seller over the internet at some point consider, and most of them start with putting up affiliate programs, where other people can promote the product for free and make some money online for free. Its better than hiring marketing guys to do the job over the internet. Plus all three, the seller, affiliate and the buyer is benefited.

Don't think the middle man is required? well without the middle man doing what he does the seller wont meet the buyer or the buyer wont meet the seller. Ill tell you this, without the middle men, 90% of your supermarket will be empty.

Why not you try to be in the middle? make a free buck for your time and effort?

If you search for affiliate marketing, there are so many out there, you can imagine. You can easily be overwhelmed and get distracted. In fact it is said 98% of people who try to get in affiliate marketing, fails. The main reason for it is greed, yes i said it, Greed!! Take a moment and digest this in.

Money Makes Money! Right! Affiliate Marketing Makes Money! Obviously! Therefore, There's Money In Affiliate Marketing! Duh!

My theory is people has made, a simple thing as affiliate marketing so complicated, you probably need to study so much to get at least the hang of it, Its like doing your masters degree.

The reason for this is greed, If you don't know there is an online war going on out there,  between people who are spamming the internet promoting products and the people like Google trying to keep the internet informative and interesting. If not for Google, when you search for something like how to quit weed, you wont get any information other than things to buy for that search term. What Google is doing is pushing these cheap sites and pages down the search pages so that nobody actually sees them, but pages that has more content and information forward.

So if you want to make a site, to promote you affiliate products, be my guest. I'm not telling you cant. but you wont make it out there without any investment. Trust me on that.

The Secrets

Obviously if you have read this far you are still begining.

So I will not go into much but here in briefly.

1) Find the products that someone actually want to buy. No point selling anything you would buy yourself. When you choose the product you want to sell, go to the sales page do some research of the product and see whether if you are ever in need of something like that will you buy this product, provided you are in the given sales page.

2) Find the audience, this involves some keyword research and available traffic to each site under that keyword.

For example if you are trying to sell wedding jewellery, then you need to go to your Google search page and search for some wedding related phrase on jewelery (ex: "elegant wedding rings" ). and go into the first few sites and see whether you can actually put a comment in any of them.

3) Facebook and Social media.. You are lucky to have these now, so get the full use of it. Infact you can scratch everything above, just search for fan pages and put in comments with your affiliate links. You never know

4) Quality and Quantity, Make sure when you put comments not to over do quantity. but overdo quality. it never hurts. What i found personally is that if you comment on fast moving FB pages your post will sink in with new er comments so be aware, its okay to revisit and post again, but dont put the same thing all over again. Change your phrase.

5) Diversity. Internet trends change all the time, so diversity will allow you to make sure you get clicks on your links all the time. Choose various different products.

I think that enough for your brain munchies for now. so consider these and try them out.

Ideal place for you to start is open a affiliate account get those product links and post.

I will put more posts on keyword research and product searching here on my blog, so it will be wise for you to subscribe or like the FB page for upcoming updates.

Ill try my best to update most of the week.

Cheers. ....


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